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By Kwen Griffeth
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The Ghost in the Mini Skirt

Recipient of The Gold Award from Literary Titan

“You don’t actually believe that,” his friend said.  “You don’t really think women are perfect?”

“Oh, but I do,” Jack replied, “As a species women are perfect.”

His friend smiled patiently, “And how did you come to that conclusion?”

Jack offered a small smile, “It says so in the Bible.”

“It does?”

“Yes, what was the God’s last creation?”


“And the statement is proved,” Jack’s smile grew.  “Once perfection is created, why continue?”

Jack Mill was a genius.  The government had decreed it so.  His abilities and potential had been identified while Jack was still in adolescence, and it could be said, the government adopted him.  By the time Jack reached adulthood, he was the best computer security code writer known.  He was also the most devious hacker.

Jack lived a binary life.  It was orderly and routine, at least until the night he met the long legged, just retired Las Vegas dancer named Terri.  That was also the night he met the ghost.

The ghost begged Jack to save her.  Jack didn’t know who the “her” was, but with a perfect woman willing to help him, how could he say “no?”