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By Kwen D Griffeth
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Dear Emma

Recipient of The Gold Award from Literary Titan

“Do not fear, we’ll be together soon, love OXOX”

These were the words written on the note given to Chaplain Roger Sorenson.  The man who had given him the note was the father of a daughter named Emma and the girl was fighting to survive giving birth.

For almost twenty years Emma had claimed she received notes from her mother.  The one shared with Chaplain Roger had been discovered on the bedside table after Emma was wheeled into the delivery room.  Emma’s mother died when the girl was five.

“There’s only one way Emma can be with her mother,” the father Ben, had claimed.  “She has to die.  My daughter will die tonight.”

Chaplain Roger reread the note and wanted to know, “why me?”  He was a volunteer; he didn’t get paid for providing comfort at the hospital.  He worked at a boys’ home and he hadn’t had a good day.  Then, he had argued with his wife before coming to the hospital and frankly, he questioned the existence of God.

The last thing he wanted on a rainy night was to sit through the hours with a distraught father who was convinced his daughter would die.

Does life continue after we die?  Is it possible to communicate with family after we cross over?  Do those who go before us still care about us?

These are the questions that will be answered for Roger, Ben the father and, of course, Emma.